Advice on career change from math teacher?

Hello, I am a 33 year-old female with a bachelor’s degree in math and a minor in computer science. I currently work as a high school math teacher, but have grown tired of the low pay coupled with the long hours. Programming has always interested me and I have always loved technology, puzzles, etc. I have done some minor modding of computer games and frequently use complex excel formulas and formatting at work to make my job easier.

I am hoping to become a remote software engineer, but I’m curious if there are other remote jobs that would be easier to get hired onto that would help give me the experience I need to get a software engineering job.

I am also neuro-divergent and believe that my ADHD helps me be a better programmer. Is that something I should disclose with potential employers?

Finally, how big of a gap, both knowledge and time-wise, should I expect as I try to transition to programming, considering I majored in math and minored in computer science? Is this something I can do within 2-3 months, or should I expect it to take a year or more before employers consider hiring me?

Any advice is appreciated. Thank You.

Junior Developer positions always pop up on my LinkedIn and from reading a few of their requirements, it seems like you could fit such a role. I would definitely make sure to get some hours of programming in so you can sharpen your skills. Thankfully math is very relevant to computer science so I think your knowledge could translate quite well.
Have you worked with Javascript before? There are a lot of web development jobs remotely to choose from.

I would also like to refer to this post:

I have quite a bit of experience with Java and I am finding that most of that translates into Javascript very easily. So Junior Developer would be a good career to work in to start with?

Yes or any type of web development position short of perhaps a senior position.
There is nothing to lose in applying for a job!
Being familiar with the various frameworks of web development can also be a big plus. Experience in Django, Rails and especially React are sought after in the market and can definitely give you a leg up.

You also mentioned ADHD and how you believe it helps you in programming - use that! If you do choose to mention it, beware of how you present it. If you believe it to be a positive feature then you should also present it as such.

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I’m a former teacher.
I’ve been trying to learn to code for over a year now … but I’ve only been doing this part time.