Advice on best courses to complete

Hi, been plugging away at Codecademy for the last 6 months and enjoying learning Python (been almost 30 years since university comp science papers).

Feeling confident now with program structure, lists, dictionaries, loops, logical arguments etc, and also some HTML.

Ultimate goal is to build an app that can be shared to complete a specific task (is for yacht racing). It will be simple and run offline (Chrome? Android?). I have a pretty good feel for how I will structure these with dictionaries, classes etc, with some simple time based calculations based around the user starting/stopping timers and saving elapsed times and multiplying them against time correction factors.

I need to figure out:

  • Saving user input to a csv file or similar, or reading a pre-prepared file
  • Reading that file for calculations
  • Outputting results to csv
  • Compile to run in an environment that it can be used, rather than within visual studio etc.

So, my question is: What is the next step in my learning path to achieve the end goal? Any advice as to which courses to complete would be greatly appreciated - I’m struggling to wrap my head around all the options available in Codecademy.

Looking forward to hearing any ideas!

There are so many options here, if you don’t want to make a web/browser application you should look into a hybrid framework:

11 Popular Cross-Platform Tools for App Development (Updated Version 2021) | Hacker Noon

unless you wanted to write code for each platform or only support limited amount of platforms?

Besides writing and writing from CSV files, your application idea also sounds like it could use a database.

There are so many options here. Deciding on the right technology stack is very difficult.