Advice needed on coding locally

Hi all,

I’m working through the full stack path on Codecademy Pro at the moment and I’ve run into a little niggling annoyance for when I’m working on the final projects. I either work at home or from the office, which requires saving work onto a usb drive and bringing it with me. What are your favourite tools for storing projects online so you can work on them from anywhere?

Thanks guys!

HTML/CSS/Javascript I use

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I use instance of GitLab running on my server, but you can use GitHub or Bitbucket.

It is just wise to use a version control. You can simply view history of changes, revert some changes, work flawlessly with a large team, create different versions of the project (for example to test a new feature).

And Git is really simple to learn.

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A hosted remote repository is a simpler solution and likely it’s all you need. But a problem with remote git repositories in this scenario is if you forget to push your changes.

Github and gitbucket are collaboration tools, you might be more interested in keeping a single repository synced between devices.

If you have a machine that’s always on, be it a server, the machine at work or the one at home, then you could set it up to sync with the others. I’m not a fan of proprietary solutions, so I’d check out something like this:
Haven’t tried it though!

I’d still be using git, but storing repositories in that synced directory as a means of always having access to it, including unsaved work.

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