Advice Needed: I'm a brand new beginner to coding and javascript. Not sure how to proceed?

Hello, I’m having a difficult time wrapping my mind around functions in javascript.

Me: Over 60+, female, started learning google Feb 2018, (google educator 1 and 2 - I am a Special Ed aide!) and grad school edtech web class last fall. No tech background or programming, nothing! Attempting to learn javascript. I understand basic HTML and CSS. Struggled thru creating websites using templates (not wix or WP) so thought I would attempt to learn JavaScript, to help me understand how JavaScript worked using the templates. I was very successful in creating webpages I was super proud of, and my professor commented how well I did considering how little I knew, and how far I had come. I used to create 4 class assignments and loved AJ’s web page templates.

Done: worked thru some MDN web docs, Linked In Learning - JavaScript. I am taking things super slow, but I’ve reached my brain function limit - it seems.

Now: I’m looking at videos for the exercises and trying to understand what javascript is doing. I keep getting syntax errors. My mind just doesn’t understand this stuff!

My question: I’m not sure how to proceed since this is really really hard for me to understand. I was attempting to get the Web Development Badge.

Any advice or suggestions?

Thank you,

Hello, @islandgirl777, and welcome to the forums!

It might be beneficial to complete the Learn How to Code course before continuing with JavaScript. It covers coding concepts in an easier to understand format for those without prior coding experience. It uses pseudo code that you will recognize as being very similar to JavaScript.

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It could go either way, struggling along the way is really common. Programming requires time, dedication and persistence. Programming can be very tedious and requires attention to detail.

html & css are more markup language then programming languages, as such, are easier to start with, and then JS can feel like a bit of a leap (gap?)

on the other hand, programming is not for everyone. And that is okay.

I never mastered html & css, if how i see some people can style a website i am amazed. I have no sense of visual appealing things. Give me the back-end, where all the logic is and design something beautiful in a logical way.

So even within programming, there are very different areas to work in depending on your strengths.

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Hello Midlinder,
Thank you so much for your quick feedback. I will definitely complete the Learn How to Code course.


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Hello Stetim94,

Thank you for your words of wisdom. Yes, JS feels like the a huge leap for sure!!!

Appreciate your advice too!