Advice how to start?



I’m new here. Could you help me how to start?


if you would like to create a site I would suggest you start with html


That depends on why you want to learn to code.

Sign up for a free account on and take the Intro to Programming path, that will give you more info on what you can do with coding.


As other people have mentioned it depends on what you learn. For beginners who aren’t really sure. It’s great to start with one of their paths.


Try the “Help find a course” section under Starter Kit on your codeacademy Home page. Go for something you find fun at first and good luck. :slight_smile:

start with the above link.hope it helps :smile:


First, create an account and take this quiz to find your path!
Then follow the steps for you to learn here on Code Cademy! Enjoy!


I’ve just started too, a few weeks ago.

I like this article for a over-arching roadmap of what I need to learn:


If you had something you wanted to built, that might help motivate you as you check out the various courses.


More than learning how to code, I suggest creating a good online presence. And that means being involved and helping out other people.