Advice for Job Market

If anyone would be so kind.

I’m searching for firsthand experiences from people who have successfully acquired employment/reliable income from development/coding as a result of non-traditional education. I have read of other’s success, however I do not want to assume I am correct about any of this without putting forth the effort to thoroughly research it myself. If you have time I would like to know:

What type of development and language did you start out studying?

What type of development and language did your first job entail?

Where were you able to network with others like yourself and those already working professionally?

What resources did you find the most helpful?

Did you have any experience with boot camps, coursera, udemy, or other structured systems?

With your experience, what would you stress the most to someone starting out?

Did you ever freelance?

How long did it take to land your first job?

I have a steady job at the moment however, I feel I owe it to my family to provide better for them. My Wife and I have a 4yr old daughter and twin 11month old boys. I thought that, due to the pandemic, remote positions would be more attainable by someone starting from scratch. I enjoyed a few courses I took in college of C++ and am intrigued by python and swift. I don’t expect to find a silver bullet, I simply can not waste time studying something that no employer cares about and wouldn’t benefit me when faced with real world situations. I’d like a remote position, I would think that such jobs would go to someone with senority in a company normally, but with the pandemic I thought it may become more common.

Also, if I were to choose one type of formal option to take online, what would suffice most requirements? If a bootcamp would work I’d rather not spend the time on a master’s out of my field.

To anyone who can, I would greatly appreciate your time and concil. If you would prefer not to reply here, you can also email me at

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Most of your questions have already been discussed (see links below) but here are some answers:

  • Don’t focus too much on what other people learned, what worked for them will not necessarily work for you. Following someone else’s path will most likely lead to frustration

  • Best places to network are here, the Discord channel, local or virtual meetup, conferences

  • This forum is one of the best resources you can have. Yes, there are other places but you’re already here!

  • You will not find a job after finishing a bootcamp or taking a course here, it just doesn’t happen, You need A LOT more experience. If you pick this path, it will take a long time before you can land a job. It’s rewarding, but it’s not easy.

  • You will not be a successful freelancer after finishing a bootcamp or taking a course here. You can be a freelancer, but you will not be successful, it is WAY harder than starting a job as a new coder.

Read the posts below, pick your own path. If you still have questions, keep posting them.