Advice for beginner to Intermediate Level Programming

I am a University going student, currently doing Electrical Engineering, I have done C and C++ programming courses, but at Uni they introduce general syntax and principles and then let you go off to handle medium to hard level projects, and that is where I get lost because it gets difficult to comprehend how to think about tackling a certain problem.
I just need some advice on how to have a good overview of C and C++, what path should I follow, or things that I can get into through this platform to be a good programmer?

A lot of projects on microcontroller application involve C programming, I can understand most theories but when it comes to application on the microcontroller, I suck at getting it to work. Mostly because the code lacks general mechanics.
Any word in this regard would be appreciated as well.

Rohan Alam

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I think Scott Meyers Effective C++ and Stroustrup’s book can serve as a reference in terms of techniques and good practices. Cppcon youtube videos also sometimes offer good tidbits on specialized topics (but usually never too advanced, just about intermediate).

What particularly do you struggle on? You mention mechanics of the code but what specifically? How would you describe what you already know?
Have you covered these?:

  • pass-by-ref, pass-by-const-ref, etc
  • move constructors
  • iterators
  • basic data structures (unordered maps, priority queues, etc)
  • file manipulation
  • operator overloading
  • generics (templates)
  • smart pointers

I would try to isolate a few things you know will need in the near future and just try to do small toy projects (1 or 2 days) that use your target wishlist techniques one at a time.

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