Advantages of learning the command line?

In what ways learning the command line would help a software developer???

It really improve production speed. You can do so much in the command line. There are such powerful commands. I can navigate and find files faster in CLI then GUI.

some commands are so powerful, for example:

find . -iname '*.txt' -exec mv {} ~/Downloads \;

good luck doing that in GUI quickly (find all txt files in current directory (and sub directory’s) and move them to my Download directory. Or something like this:

sed -i 's/good/bad/g' file.txt

replace all instances of good by bad in file.txt

The only proper way to use git is in the command line (and git is so useful). I can go on, but i hope you get the point. One more very important point, you can automate task. You can write scripts to do things, and then repeat them at certain moments (crontab).

Or, you can write a simple rule script to drop people who connect to many times to your server.

I see i did even discussed the vertical bar (| called pipe in shell), it so powerful, you can make such powerful one liners with it

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Many ways! Unfourtunately i didnt learn it so i cant tell but here is a description about it!

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