Advanced Topics in Python_Comprehending Comprehensions


What is wrong with this ?

threes_and_fives=[x if (x%3==0 or x%5==0) for x in range(1,16)]


Error is
File "python", line 1
threes_and_fives=[x if ((x%3==0) or (x%5==0)) for x in range(1,16)]
SyntaxError: invalid syntax


List Comprehension syntax example:

even_squares = [x**2 for x in range(1,11) if ( x % 2) == 0]

Pay attention to the order, that is the key aspect of list comprehension.


we have normal list comprehension:

squares = [x for x in range(5)]

then we have list comprehension + if:

squares = [x for x in range(5) if x % 4 == 0]

then we have if else:

squares = [x if x % 4 == 0 else 0 for x in range(5) ]

if you only have an if, it should be at the end of your list comprehension


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