Advanced SQL Climate Change

SQL project here, looks like not many people have done so. I am not very confident about what i have done:
a. Task 5 did not even shown any results;
b. results from other tasks didn’t really make sense, eg the coldest and the warmest temp;
c. would appreciate if codecademy has some sort of sample answer, a little guidance would be appreciated.
Thank you for taking the time providing feedback. Jude from Melbourne


You didn’t get any results for Task 5 because of the use of (en dash) instead of - (dash or minus). It’s a subtle difference, but the minus is what is expected.


Good spotting. Eagle eye. Thank you. highly appreciated. jude

We should upgrade you from ‘gold’ to ‘platinum’.

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I just came here to say I agree with point C. :slight_smile: lol

i couldn’t sleep cause of question n5!!! tnx guys