Advanced objects lesson not loading in

Hey, I’m not sure what the problem is, and if it’s an issue with my browser, but when I load up the lesson on advanced objects, the info for the lesson shows up in the leftmost side, but the text editor and output have been stuck loading non-stop. I’ve refreshed, gone to other lessons, shut down tabs, etc. and it’s stayed loading no matter what. Not trying to be a bother of any sorts, just figured I’d ask on the forums about it since I’ve reported it a couple of times and there’s only so long I can work on css grids so I can keep productive before I lose my mind, personally.

Hello @rob36611, welcome to the forums! Have you had a look at the troubleshooting guide?

Also, what browser and version are you using?

I’m getting about 400Mb/s, so I know my connection quality isn’t the problem, and there’s no firewall or proxy interfering. If there is, it’s remarkably well hidden since I haven’t seen it and it hasn’t failed to fully load any lessons other than specifically the Advanced Objects lesson. Though I should point out I am indeed using Opera, and that just now upon trying to log in on Microsoft Edge I was able to fully load into the lesson. I guess I’ll have to do at least this lesson through another browser.

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