Adopt a Pet React - Can't start the react app


So, I’m unable to get past step 4 on this project… I’m met with the following issue when trying to npm start -

Failed to compile
SyntaxError: E:\WORK STUFF\CodeAcademy\React projects\adopt-a-pet-starter\src\App.js: Unexpected token (6:47)

4 | import PetDetailsNotFound from ‘./pages/petDetailsNotFound’;
5 | import Navigation from ‘./components/navigation’;

6 | import { BrowserRouter as Router, Route } from react-router-dom;
| ^
7 |
8 | function App() {
9 | return (
at ()
at ()
at ()
at ()

I’m not sure if this is because this project uses an older version of React Router or what, but as far as I know, using import { BrowserRouter as Router, Route } from react-router-dom; is the correct way to import the React Router library…

When getting help please format code correctly and share a link to full code so we can see entire project and are better able to help.

In this situation, take a look at your import statements. Can you see there is something different about your imports on line 4&5 compared to on line 6?

The location of the import should be quotation marks 'react-router-dom' .

FYI there is also a dedicated thread for this project, where you can look at other’s code examples Adopt a Pet! Off-Platform Practice Project