Adopt a Pet! Project

Hi, so I want to start doing this project Adopt a Pet!

But when I read the instruction it instruct me to do:
npm install


npm start

But I dont understand where can I do this? is it in the terminal or VS code? if in VS code, in which part or file. I am new to VS Code. so please guide me.

Furthermore, when I tried to download the solution code, I dont understand how to run it. I tried to open it using VS Code and click the open… . when I clicked it there are a lot of file and folders such as src, license, and etc. I dont know which file or folder should I click open. its very confusing.

You type that in your terminal.

why in the terminal? why not in vs code?

There’s a terminal inside VSCode, but either way, that type of command needs to be typed into a terminal. You can either have a terminal window running alongside VSCode or within it.

Where can I find the terminal within VS code. I am sorry, I am new to programming and VS code

I could provide you with a screenshot, but if you Google it, you’ll definitely get the answer and then you’ll still be working on developer skills.

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