Adopt a Pet! Off-Platform Practice Project

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Done mine a few days ago. Woohoo :partying_face:! Amazing content overall.

Live site:
GitHub Repo: GitHub - EugeneGohh/adoption-routing: A project that uses React Router to route through pages.

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Great project learned a lot about react-router. Thanks, @bspex for the tutorial, it definitely increased my confidence in using react-router in my next project.

Live Demo -
Github - GitHub - sujoyduttajad/Adopt-a-pet

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Hi @bspex. I’ve started to do this project, but from the task 8 it is not working proparly as it should. Can someone help me, maybe I missed something. Checked many times, but can get it.

What can be a problem? This (/:type?) is not working. Can I work on this with react-router-dom v6?