addTrack method - Jamming Project Step 40-47

On step 41 through 47, my addTrack method in Apps.Js is not correctly initialized. This further caused issue as I added removeTrack and so forth. I tried backtracking all of the objects that I established and combed through everything but still couldn’t get it to define. I looked into the REACT dev extension tool and the error I get is that “this.setState” is not a function as well.

I followed the video step by step to double check and couldn’t find anything differ.

I’ve attached photos for reference.

Thanks for your help!

the addTrack function is not fully visible. Can you post the code of App.js here (please make sure it is properly formatted)?
One issue I see is that you forgot to chain .bind to
this.updatePlaylistName = this.updatePlaylistName.bind(this)