Additional Courses - Games


Continuing the discussion from How can I practice what I learn from Codecademy in my browser using Notepad?:


If anyone finds a course in the "Additional Courses" category that is interesting and works well, leave me a note here and I'll add it to the list.

Draw with JavaScript
HTML5 Games: Getting Started
HTML5 Games: Getting Input
HTML5 Games: Physics


Awesome it has its own room :grinning:


A set of courses from the Additional Courses category describing how to program a Blackjack game with JavaScript.

Blackjack: Deal 'em Up
Blackjack: Hit Me!
Blackjack: Final Game

I haven't tested these yet. If you have the time and do work through these exercises, post here to let us know if they are still working.

It would be an interesting followup to sort out the steps necessary to get this game to play in the browser instead of just in the console.


I am sorry class started and I have been kind of burnt out lately. I will look at the links that you posted and give them a whirl thank you for your continued efforts.