Adding the target attribute

and North Amaerica.Its consevation
status is currently"Least Concern."
There are many subspecies within the
brown bear species, including the
Atlas bear and the Himalayan brown
bear.</p>                                         <a href="target=_blank">learn more</a>   
  <li>Arctos </li>
  <li>Collarus </li>
  <li>Nelsoni (extinct) </li>

its not wotking its keeps telling me did i add the target attribute

is that rite nobody is not answering

href is one attribute, target is another. They appear separately in a tag.

<a href="#" target="_blank">

are u you on a lap top now cause i need help passing this excersise

I already showed you what is wrong.

i know this sounds weird can you give me a call i can give you my number or can all private or we can get on team viewer its not working

Not possible. We are not private tutors. All problems are handled here on the boards.

ok sorry for asking…

Can you still access the old HTML/CSS track from your dashboard? Try that track before this one. It will help you brush up on all the basics.

ok i will do that …

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< a href="**THE LINK YOU WANT TO ADD HERE**" target="_blank">Learn more</a>

Notice how href has its own value (the link you want to add) and target has its other totally different value (_blank).
Your code is not well structure since you’re putting the target attribute inside the href attribute.
Try to analize the way I did it and replace THE LINK YOU WANT TO ADD HERE with the link provided in the excercise.
Sorry for any grammar issues I’m learning english, hope that helps.

ok thank you let me try that now

its still not working

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