Adding the second image in lesson 11

Link to exercise

Error message
Oops, try again. Your tag needs an image url in place of the ...

``` My Code .
<do not remove the three backticks above>

This code is fine, it may be the browser you are using. Try Firefox or IE.

Hey,@oscartbeamish I was actually using the latest version of IE

It wants you to use duck image again… It worked for me.

Well, have you checked your spacing because mine wouldn’t let me go on unless I added a space right before the closing tag?

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You have two spaces after the closing parenthesis. I think you only need one.

peculiar problem. Need to solve soon.

Use first image again, then it will work.

you are right, between .jpg" and /> should be a single space

also, you can’t have a space between src and =, this exercise is really strict when it comes to validating.

the reason copying the first image again works is because those spaces are correct.


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