Adding review sections to retain skills

After finishing a skill there is no way to review it other than either redoing the course or completing a quiz (only for pro). It would be awesome if Codecademy could add easy ways to review and improve skills after they have been completed. This would greatly help with skill retention.


Hey Joel,

So with Pro, you get not just Quizzes, but also “Projects”, which are pretty much a loosely guided lesson where you build something ”on your own” (but with help…), and then a Final Project, which is less guided than anything you’ll have done in the course so far.

I believe there are no plans to release those to the public right now, however you can practice on your own, building small projects with the skills you’ve learned :slight_smile:
And if you ever need a challenge, or help with something, just ask and we’ll be happy to help you :slight_smile:

Hey @zystvan,

I’d like to echo @hochmanjoel. I only work on my coding once a week (school keeps me busy the rest of the time). So when I come back after that time, it is hard to remember the specific details for formatting and syntax. I was thinking it would be nice if there was a read-only of the lessons that you could quickly scroll through to review the content without having to click through each lesson’s subpages. Just a thought. I’m sure your team could create a much better review process, but one would be helpful! :ok_hand:


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Thanks guys!