Adding Pictures to the Div's and taking up their same properties

Hey, what would be the best way to add pictures of these characters to my div’s

Eg. Adding a photo of ‘mario’ to the second Div so that it takes up the exact same position and size of the div.

I tried adding <img> nested within the div but it doesn’t seem to work (see below).

Do I need to create new selectors for this image in the CSS syntax?

yea, you need to create a new image css selector:

img {
  property: value;
  property: value;
  property: value;

property and value are just placeholder words, i will leave it to you to figure out the actual property’s you need. Positioning the images in the circles is tricky with a regular image. there is also something called background, that is easier.

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did you discover your mistake?
(put the img src within the div tags). and img is the selector so use that on CSS sheet like the instructor mentioned