Adding more than 1 Font in CSS


It wants me too put all these fonts in stylesheet.css and I did and it tells me i'm wrong.

Is there anything wrong with this code?

h1 {
font-family: ,Times, serif, Verdana, sans-serif, Vivaldi, cursive

It also says to have these certain fonts but it like swaps them. I'm so confused prob just a stupid mistake. ;C

In the stylesheet.css tab, add Times as an option before serif, Verdana as an option before sans-serif, and Vivaldi as an option before cursive.

pls help


if i am right, css does have 3 selectors: h1, h2 and h3. If you read careful, you will see each of these needs a backup value, so each should have 2 font-family's values, you know added all backup values to the same css selector (h1)


Thank you it worked <3