Adding Images


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I keep getting an error message that reads “Did you use the second image URL provided?” I’ve input the exact code suggested and it’s not inputting an image or the 2nd image. Here’s the code I’m using after my paragraph element:

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So do I! Same problem

Sorry fixed it… check your spelling in your link it’s not codeacademy but use codecademy instead

i am still not getting it. so i need to add closing and opening tags?

i’ve gotten it now. i used a semi-colon instead of a colon. check yours too if you have the same problem.

I added images in lesson 7 of Make A Website, but there is a little red dot on the left-hand side of my work that says (Special characters must be escaped : { < } .) It seems I did the work right, but was wondering why that red dot is there, like I may have missed something. Thanks for any help with an explanation!:slight_smile:

I think this is part of the same problem.
I got the same massage.
But another addition to the matter, I didn’t see the 1st image in the webpage even though it shows it’s completed after running it. Tried two of the suggestions in the replies but didn’t work for me. Any suggestions?

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