Adding images

in adding images problem one image is given and we have to enter another picture but when i add another one and click next it says “oops try again” i have completed all my 14 problems but lesson is upto 92% completed.what do i do…

Can i see your code? Is the exercise 11? If it is, make sure you images end with .jpg" /> (note the space between .jpg" and />

Like @stetim94 said, we need to see your code.

I’m having the same problem in this lesson. my code is (i think is right…)

problems: no markup used, code won’t show, this topic is 3 months old, why revive it? You could made your own, you have the exact same problem, no space between .jpg" and />

From my point of view, could you understand why this isn’t really nice? Please read the guidelines and this markup help topic: