Adding Images error



It should appear the image, but it doesn't, I am perfectly sure the code is correct, its the example im given... this is not the first time that happens to me, instead of the actual image, i get an icon like a sheet of paper with a draw cut in half....PLEASE HELP ME!!!

<img src="" />


I've tried copying and pasting the link directly into the address bar of my browser and the image is displayed perfectly. The typed code is correct, you should try again to run your code or test it in another browser.

Perhaps the error was caused by the failure of Amazon servers during the course of the day. Site from which the image is stored.

Remember that to make clickable an image the code is the following one:

<a href=""><img src="" /></a>

Good luck!


Hi Diego. I have tried it with other pages. Especially with Google URLs and the same thing happens to me. The weird thing this time was that instead of looking for and choosing an image myself, use that link that was given as an example in the exercise. It was in the part of the instructions. Can you think of anything else? I send as an attachment an image with another example and also as I figure the image


This is not uncommon... Try finding a different image.

Like this lovely one of a bear:


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