Adding image problem


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<!DOCTYPE html>
		<img src=""/>

Hi! Not sure what the problem is with this code but it is not letting me submit and says "oops! try again"


You should have a space between .." and />

Add a second image below the first one.

As the instructions say ^ so please reset the lesson so your first image comes (or you can add another one)

So this lesson you need two images.

*Please use this format to add in code


thanks you!!!!!!!!!!


Could we have this solution added to the code that checks the answer or maybe just a little FYI at the bottom of the instructions.


hi i have a problem with a second immage. it is showned on the screen but i have always an error


Please make your own topic with code + error message so we can help you


I've tried adding the space but it still doesn't work. Am I missing something?


Same answer, make your own topic with code + error message + question

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