Adding image problem

I receive “Opps. Try Again!” I don’t know what went wrong with my code. I need to add the second picture. Please help. It showed the image but I just can’t submit the answer. I did have DOCTYPE html and html tags.

Here is my code:

	<img src="" 
	<img src=""/>

you need to close both images with .jpg" /> (note the space between .jpg" and />

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I also had this problem but my code was correct I even have a screenshot of the problem. here is my code

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this exercise requires you to use xml syntax, this means you need a space between .jpg" and />


Then the duck img src needs to use the correct syntax. i did not modify it in any way. examples needs to be 100% correct to correctly teach someone.

sorry, what do you mean?

Sorry…my code was correct too. Then, I accidentally delete part of mine. I just try to add “&” between the link and forgot to put it back. Anyway, the space before / is what it need. My problem is solved, Thanks! :slight_smile:

Be careful to make sure its all on the same line(the numbers at the side. Don’t start a new line of code by hitting enter). Thats what threw me off with mine at least. D:

Saved me man
:wink: Thank you!

there are always problems

Thank you. I put both the images in the same line as you suggested and my problem got solved. I was adding the second image in a new line and getting the problem. Now solved. Thanks.


Your <img> syntax is nearly correct, you just need to add a space prior to />.

Correct Syntax:
<img src="Image link here" />
As you can see in the syntax, there is one space character between the image link and the closing of it.

Live Demo Example:

Hope I helped.