Adding <em> word and alos family-font, font-size and color


im on Social network profile, im having trouble making a word italics and adding a font, size and color.

when i add all the following (italics, font size and font family), i use the
";" but the codes acts as i press the Enter button, i need to know if i can even do this btw.



is my code


!DOCTYPE html is it >


please post your full code, thank you


I am new to coding so can you please tell me what do
You mean by full code, sorry


copy your all the code in your index.html to the forum so i can have a look


<!DOCTYPE html>
		<title>Adalid Aparicio Cespedes</title>
	<img src=""/>
	<p>Hi, im <p style="font-size:22px"><em>19</em></p>yrs of age and was born in<p style="font-family:Copperplate">Mexico City</p>.I am a male Hispanic and have the most beautiful girlfriend.</p>
	     <li><p style="color:blue">Interest</li>
	      <ol><li><strong>working hard</strong></li>
	      <li>seeing my girlfriend</li>
	     <ul><li>Favorite foods</li>
	     <ol><li>tortas cubana</li>
	     <ol><li>food prep</li>
	     <li>line cook</li></ul>


seems fine? Or is there a specific exercise you can't pass? You might want to replace some of the paragraph tags with span tags:

<p>Hi, im <span style="font-size:22px"><em>19</em></span>yrs of age and was born in<span style="font-family:Copperplate">Mexico City</span>.I am a male Hispanic and have the most beautiful girlfriend.</p>

using a inline element is better in this case


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