Adding <em> and font-size and font-family



Code doesnt work when i try to add font-family,font-size,color,and make that number italics(<em>), or im doing it wrong


Please re-edit your Post

  • leave one blank-line above of your code
  • select your code in the Post
  • then =click= on the </>-symbol-of-this-editor

Your code will then be in a pre-code state
and you will be able to make/present the proper indentations.

With Courtesy to stetim94

or even better use


on line 8, the paragraph opening tag which you gave a font-size of 22px is missing >:

<p style="property: value"

should be:

<p style="property: value">

see > at the end, as for the rest, please copy and paste your code to the forum so we can run it