Adding Database for SQL project

I am new and trying to learn to code for the first time. I am stuck at “Setting Up SQLite”. I have it downloaded on my machine, but can not get it to locate the free database I saved on my machine too.

The sqlite3.exe file and the database are saved in the same file. When I watch the “how-to” video in the course, the presenter uses a different software to find the database and I am completely confused.

Any help on how to locate my first database would be appreciated.

Where did you save the database file? Whilst it may differ slightly by OS the basic steps are the same which is to run sqlite via command line and pass it the database file as the first argument.

Have you managed to get to the sqlite command prompt yet? A little detail on what you tried, your OS and so on would be helpful.

If you’ve never used a command line interface before then either try to follow the video instructions exactly or take a bit of time out of your current course to learn how to navigate with it. It’s used so often for so many things that it’s generally a good time investment to just learn it now (at least in my opinion). There is a codecademy course on the bash shell or there are numerous resources available online for a variety of possible options.

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