Adding columns in HTML


How do I add columns in HTML if I want 3 columns which are evenly spaced?



Use bootstrap grid system, which is ideal. If you want something which is a little less ideal, but easier. just float 3 div's to the left. Float tries to place the elements as far to the left (or right if you use float right, obviously) and top as possible, as a result, 3 divs which are floating left, will sit beside each other.

Define evenly spaced? You could just make the width: 33.33333%. If you do, remove body's margin with body { margin: 0 }, and if you use padding or border, use box-sizing: border-box. You can also use inline-block, but this can cause a gap, you will have to do a google search on how to counter it


Good suggestions, make a table with css display property's!