Adding an image to a webpage (img src)


When I add an img tag to my lesson, the picture never appears. Only a blue square with a question mark.
I have tried <img src=A local file or a website/>.
Both fail to display the actual image.
Using a Macbook and Safari.
My code:

<img src="/Users/sourcecode/Pictures/Azaylia_Pics/IMG_1028.jpg" />


You are using this code:

<img src="/Users/sourcecode/Pictures/Azaylia_Pics/IMG_1028.jpg" />

in the lesson and you are surprised the image won't show? Be glad it doesn't show, if it did, it would mean the internet has access to your computer, or rather, everyone who uses the internet, which means we could just go through your files. If you want to use personal images, i recommend you to upload them (dropbox, google drive, prntscr)

You can make html files on your computer, since those files are local, you can use images from your computer like you are doing now