Adding an image - lesson 11 in HTML Basics


The question asks to put a second <img /> tag after the first one in the <body> tag and I did, but it gives me an error and I can't figure out my mistake
Exact question: add a second image tag below the first one. (Make sure its before closing <body> tag!)

		<img src="" />
	    <img src ="" />
The picture shows up in the display box, so it's seems correct but the error I'm getting is :  
"Oops, try again. Your <img src="..." /> tag needs an image url in place of the `...`"

Does anyone see where there is a '...' that I am missing? Or if there is an error anywhere?


this exercise validation is really strict, you can't have a space between src and =


wow thank you so much!! that was frustrating!