Added sorting functionality?


It would be great to sort columns by >1 criteria for example I'd love to see posts that have fewest replies as well as latest posting..

Just an idea to add to improve user experience :smiley:


Hey @jimmynames,

You can already sort topics on the Discuss home page by the category, number of replies or views, and latest activity - just click the column's title:



Yeh I got that :wink:

I mean, it would be cool to sort by Replies
- Check which have 0

And then (in addition to Reply Count) sort by Activity..
- Check which have 0 and are most recent

Maybe I hadn't clarified my suggestion :smiley:



You can go to, and enter: posts_count:1 order:latest, which should be what you want :slight_smile:


Amazing cheers!

Shame UI can't repeat this functionality but alas it's there :wink: