Add this text. What I need to do?


I stuck at the same

What I need to do?

Git add <filename.txt>

You need to type the Dumblediff ... sentence in the editor, then click Run.


I already done that too.


I don't see it in your screenshot.


That was my last try, I restarted multiple times.



You have three panels there:

  1. is for explaining what you are learning and for the instructions about what you are expected to do.
  2. is an editor with a text file open called scene-1.txt. This is the file that your are writing your story into. This is where you add Dumblediff's line.
  3. is a terminal/command line environment where you can run git commands

You've been putting your story in your terminal instead of in the txt file.


Thanks, now I understand!


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OMG! I was doing the same thing. They switched it up without telling us. haha