Add the remote


what to do not able to understand at all


Don't include the url, just the name of the remote
See the format that git is telling you to use?


name of the remote u mean to say is username right


You added a remote and gave it the name "origin"


so what should i do buddy i am really very confused
I have created a repo in github b
by the name niceash91


Did you create the repository in the right location? Where should it be and where did you create it?


in github account

from here man


Yeah but where in your file system? I think you just created it somewhere without considering where it should be.


dude can you just help me out
i am really stuck in here


again i started from here , please direct me



As I've been saying, your repository isn't where it should be. You can't just run commands anywhere in the file system and get things to end up in the right place.


can you just write me down a flow chart which proper directions so that things can work out


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