"Add the Remote" 4/7 Lesson/bug solution

So I’ve been trying to figure out lesson 4/7 for about 30 minutes right now and even following all the tutorials with pictures on here haven’t helped but FINALLY I found a solution and I want to share it all with you because for some reason Codeacademy Devs choose to completely ignore people in the forums >.>

in order:

cd personal-website
git init
git remote add origin _____
git remote rm origin
git remote -v

cd personal-website

git init

git remote add origin https://github.com/username/user-repository.git

finally type ‘git remote rm origin’ and the first box should turn green

afterwards type ‘git remote -v’ and the second box should turn green

Not sure why in the instructions they dont tell you to add the first two lines but that ended up fixing the “bug” or whatever keeps happening with the lesson. Hope this helps!

cd personal-webiste

Good advice very helpful, I was stuck too


Well, I tried the instructions above and it didn’t work.

But I tried it myself like that and it worked:

mkdir personal-website
cd personal-website
git init
git remote add origin https://github.com/your-username/your-username.github.io.git 

And get on with the course.


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