Add the numbered bookmark-bar back to the top of the career path to prevent of miles of scrolling

With the new layout for the career path (and maybe the skill path as well) the numbered bookmarks / progress bar at the top of the path has disappeared. Now that I’m at 60%, I have to scroll down quite a while before I get to the module and lesson I’m currently on. Especially because there is no way anymore to collapse the contents of the other modules that I already passed.

I know that I can ‘resume’ my course with on click from the dashboard to get me straight to where I was working. But it’s nice to be able to easily access the scope of the entire module (not just the current lesson) to see what came before and what is still coming.

And to me personally it was also motivating to see those numbers at the top ticked off as I progressed through the content of the path

Hi @silvith. Thanks for the feedback, you call out some really great points. I’m reading that 1) it was gratifying to have your progress be very apparent (ie. progress circles up top) and 2) a tighter layout (ie. being able to expand/collapse modules) felt easier to manage when you get back to resume the career path you were working on. And without either of those two things made simple, it’s a not-so-great user experience. Did I read into that correctly?

I’ll be sure to send your feedback to our product team ASAP. In the meantime, let me know if I’m missing anything here so I can be sure to surface your feedback accurately.

Hi @lilibird Thanks for your reply.

I personally don’t mind terribly much that the modules can’t collapse. It’s more the lack of bookmarks at the top now, which results in lots of scrolling when I want to get an overview of the module I’m currently in.

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