Add search and filtering for Cheetsheets - hard to access/find

As a student, I want to easily search cheetsheets for previous topics covered so I can quickly refresh my memory.


  • Cheetsheets are not uniformly named or tagged with “cheetsheet”.
  • Cheetsheets are not organized by language or topic.
  • Cheetsheets are not indexed and returned in results from the global search.


  • Cheetsheets by course
  • Cheetsheets by language
  • Cheetsheets by topic
  • Cheetsheets searchable.

Looking up the cheetsheet for CSS Grid. If you do not know the name of the cheetsheet, you would be unable to find it outside of a direct link.

If you search for the exact cheetsheet name, “Learn CSS: Grid” using the global search function, you will not be able to find the cheetsheet under “Courses”, “Articles”, or even “Docs”.

Cheetsheets are a great and quick reference that I was really hoping to find easily, but seems I have to maintain my own library of bookmarks to them if I ever want to find them again. Or, scroll through the endless list if I can’t remember the name.

hey! Thank you for sharing this idea. I’ll make sure the team gets it :+1:

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