Add new CSS for .jubomtron


My code below, but system said I need to set height=500px? where I did wrong?

.jumbotron a {
background-image: url('')
height: 500px;



Where you have .jumbotron a

it seems you're targeting the jumbotron links rather than jumbotron itself.

try .jumbotron {
your code


thx, but still doesnt work


You're also missing a ; at the end of this line.


I'm also having the same problem I've triple checked that I wrote everything right but it still says I need to set height=500px, what do I do?
This is what I wrote out...
.jumbotron {
background-image: url('')a;
height: 500px;


I've also done it without the a; and it still doesn't work


I'm new and stuck on the same lessons does anyone know what to do? Thanks


Please post all of your CSS code and someone will help.

If you need it: How to post code in this forum.