Add and delete class


$(document).ready(function() { 
    $('text').click(function() {

It's not correct.Who can help me ?


can you post the exercise url? I can't find the exercise

if you want to select by class, there should be dot (.) before text:

$('.text').click(function() {

for more help i need to see the exercise



lets look at this line first:


the click event should be added to div with id of text, to add a click event to an id the selector should start with a # (so #text)

then here:


you need to add a class (addClass) named highlighted, so addClass is the jquery function you need to use and highlighted then name of the class:


then don't forgot to follow the full screen instructions, if problems persist post an updated version of your code


     $(document).ready(function() { 
      $('#text').click(function() {

The blue text is highlighted but it tells me that I made a mistake

(Google translate)


so now you made the correct code:


you can remove the faulty code:


then submit, and follow the full screen instructions


Thank you for your help :innocent: