Add an href to the finished code

I want to add a different href to each individual circle? Where do I need to insert the code?

My Social Network
	<div class="friend" id="best_friend"></div>
	<div class="family"></div>
	<div class="enemy" id="archnemesis"></div>

@jibblyj What’s with the <a> tag inside the <div> tag?

I don’t know… I’m used to it :confused:

Removed it.

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Well, one other thing: you can’t have a href on any element other than an <a>. It’s been considered, allowing all tags to have a href, but it’s not valid and won’t work.

Sorry for nitpicking your code, I hope you don’t mind too much :slight_smile:

To make the entire circle clickable:

<a href="#"><div class="..." id="...">...</div></a>

to make just the text clickable:

<div class="..." id="..."><a href="#">...</a></div>
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Thank you, that worked fine. Very simple.

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