Add a time limit for a day to be added to the weekly target

Currently, in order to add a day to the weekly target, all I need is to once successfully run an assignment in a course, or even just check a checkbox in a project.
I would like to suggest a change for this, since I find myself often doing just that, and not spending more then 5 minutes a day learning how to program.
I would like it to be that a user can choose how long would they have to be programming a day in order for that day to be added to their weekly target, something like 10min, 30min, 1h, etc. (it can also be an option for the user to leave it as it is, without setting a time boundary)

Another way to practice is if you have the mobile app you can review and practice random coding concepts based on what course(s) you’re taking. That also adds to your daily progress.