Add a robot reader to lessons

Hello! My name is Luke and I am new to Codecademy. First of all, I love the system of learning Codecademy has. You learn, then a test, and to finish it off you make a project. Which is a great way to learn to code.

I do have a suggestion and I would like to know your guy’s thoughts on it. I’m the type of person that likes to sit back and listen to lessons. I love to listen to books and I think a great addition would be an option for a robot to read the lesson for you. Yeah, you might say “Luke just read the lesson” and I have no problem with that. But, it does get a bit repetitive and for me (a teenager) looks intimidating. Having to read big paragraphs I sometimes miss important things I should know. In conculstion, I work better when I listen to a lesson… And I feel like this would be a great thing to add.

PS: I am not sure if this is added. If it is added, please tell me where I can find it!

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