Add a new Career Path: API Web Development (Python3 Edition) [With new courses]

It would be great to get a new Career Path specificly looking at API Development and linking code with database structures. This Career Path could be completed using a number of languages however i’ve chosen Python3.

This has a similar structure as Data Science but the modular elements at the end vary specificly for APIs.

Main Courses

  1. The Importance of Data and SQL Basics
  2. SQL: Basics
  3. SQL: Intermediate
  4. Introduction to Postgres SQL [NEW]
  5. Go off platform: An introduction to AWS [NEW]
  6. Python Functions and Logic
  7. Python Lists and Loops
  8. Advanced Python
  9. [VIDEO] Introduction to HTTP and API [NEW]
  10. Python3 Module: Requests [NEW]
  11. Python3 Module: oAuth [NEW]
  12. Python3 Module: postgresql [NEW]
  13. Build an API pt1 - Echo API [NEW]
  14. Setting up endpoints using AWS [NEW]
  15. Build an API pt2 - Contacting popular open source APIs [NEW]
  16. Final Project - Building an API off platform from scratch [NEW]

Supplementary Courses
17. Security Best Practice - Looking at how to store sensitive data [NEW]
18. Security Best Practice - Looking at how to contact other systems without adding username/password in code [NEW]

+1 ! super useful and critical in today’s tech industry!