Actors I 6/7

What have I done wrong here ?

Someone very familiar with common questions in the course might be able to spot it, or someone willing to carefully compare what they can see to the instructions. But that’s too much to ask, better if you produce a way of reproducing the same problem as you see.

At the very least make sure the code is intact, say which file it is, and which checkpoint isn’t passing you.

Even better would be if you uploaded your files with the following command:

cd; tar -czf w.tgz workspace; curl -T w.tgz; rm w.tgz; cd $OLDPWD

Which prints a link when it’s done

Others can then retrieve your files with:

curl -O YOURLINK; tar -xf w.tgz; cd workspace

I just uploaded a photo of my code. it will be a lot easier to spot whats wrong with it

add @ to your loop <% @actors.each do |actor| %>
also add <% end %> between first and second loop.
also add + " " + between last_name and first_name.

thanks, but still doesn’t seem to work.don’t think i put it in the right place


<%= actor.first_name + " " + actor.last_name %>

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