Actors 1 step 9


Why am I getting error messages when I visit http://localhost:8000/movies and http://localhost:8000/actors in the browser. Ive passed all the tasks but Im getting errors when I try to visit these pages in the browser


Hi @maxwellchewe,

Look closely at the other times you're displaying information about the movie, and when you display the link. Can you spot anything different about movie? :slight_smile:


No I can`t spot anything different


I`ve now fixed the problem, there was a syntax error in the actors/index.html.erb


@maxwellchewe OK, good that you found that, but there's still one more problem - You're using movie_path(@movie), but you don't have a variable called @movie. You need to use movie_path(movie) instead.


Ive used @movies and its working the page is being displayed but when i click on the link "Learn More" I`m getting errors


This is what I`m getting when I click on "Learn More"


@maxwellchewe You're not supposed to use @movies for the link; use movie like I suggested, and it should work.


Thanks it`s now working


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