Acsess project directory via the browser

soo i want to put a video on my website that is downloaded on my computer but all the forum tutorials are for if you are using it on notepad but i want to see how to do it via the codecadamy browser code editor plz sent help

Hi there!

I know of a hack way to do this with images, but it would not be possible for video. The only recommendation I have would be to upload your video to an online directory, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. and link it from there. (You’ll want to make sure that the video is accessible) Other than that, you will want to start using a code editor on your own computer. If it’s the live updates you like using within the CodeCademy code editor, VSCode has a LiveServer extension that shows you the updated results when you save.

Hope this helps!

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I would also recommend using your own code editor. You cannot upload files to the CC learning environment.