Let's achieve something together!

- Fellow Coders. We are the one true being. We are amazing. We are the bestest things evar! And because of our amazing epicness I believe there should be an achievement section on this forums where you can show off just how good you really are at Coding. Or more so how little of a life you have. EITHER WAY I'll start!

My Story!


Badges: 100

Day streak: 36

total points: 1350

Skills Completed:

- JavaScript (Highest proficiency) - jQuery - HTML & CSS - YouTube API - PHP - Make a Website - Ruby

Can you beat my scores? May the best coder win!


Hey Lolman, I’ve got you beat :slight_smile:

My Story!


Badges: 226

Day streak: 6

total points: 2541

Best points day: 127


- Learn AngularJS
- Ruby on Rails: Authentication
- Make an Interactive Website
- YouTube API
- Ruby
- Learn SQL
- Learn Ruby on Rails
- Learn Java
- Learn the Command Line
- Python
- JavaScript
- jQuery
- OAuth2 with GitHub
- Make a Website

And more that aren’t currently or never have been official courses. I also plan on doing anything else Codecademy offers :slight_smile:


That’s not surprising Zystvan! However I would like to know where you got the number for your best points day. I’m fairly certain I have you beat on that one!

Codecademy Redesigned used to add that into profiles. Codecademy seems to have recently banned access to people if they aren’t the person in the information, though :/.
If you go here you should be able to get your best day count.
And I’ll be very impressed if you do have me beat, 127+ is a pretty high number for one day :slight_smile:

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I sincerely doubt that this is the platform to do so :slight_smile: Codecadamy helps you get a leg up on a new language, or on new concepts. But beyond that lies the real world, where all this theory and practice gets put into actual work.

Of course, one way to show how good you are, is to help people on these forums by providing insights if they have any questions. Don’t just outright give’m the answer, but help them understand their problem.


That’s exactly what @lolman and I have been doing for a while :slight_smile:
Edit - You’re active in the forums, too! I’m not in the Python forums much, so I haven’t seen you before now :slight_smile:

And with “show off just how good you really are at Coding”, I think showcasing Codecademy achievements (what Lolman is thinking) is different from working on programming challenges or such, like I think you’re thinking.

But yeah. Definitely :slight_smile:

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Hey lolman another challanger!!

My Story!


Badges: 124

Day streak: 53

total points: 1431;

Skills Completed

— Java(Highest Profiecency)

– JavaScript




-Make a Website

-Make an Interactive

-Next Up- Ruby