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I passed 70% of html and css course . after 10 week I want to continue my lesson . but it’s gone !
what should i do ?? i dont want start at first :frowning:

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A lot has been happening here on Codecademy :slight_smile:
Courses have been replaced, new courses released, outdated courses removed.

You can read about it here:

I looked into your profile and badges and saw that you were on HTML & CSS course that course has been replaced with new courses:

Learn HTML
Learn CSS


Just like @zainabrawat wrote above, they are gone.

Do not feel sad for it though, since the new courses that took its place are filled with Updated features and so, that were not there in the old version.

Best regards

//Hampus, StudyingUpper Secondary Highschool of Realgymnasiet, Sweden.


Hi @zainabrawat,

The blog link has an additional 1 at the end of the address which leads to 404 error, just highlighting this if anyone would want to visit the link. :wink:


Sorry about that & thanks for pointing it out.
Thanks to @stetim94 for changing it accordingly.


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