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This is just a suggestion but I’d very much appreciate it if you would pass it to somebody responsible for these decisions.

I came across this article:

I think that it can play a huge role in the learn-to-code process. It can be as simple as pairing up with somebody with similar goals.

What do you think? @lilybird

Have you checked the Discord channel or the FB group? You might find someone there or a group who is also looking for an accountability partner.

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@lisalisaj My bad, I should communicate it better. I’m not looking for an accountability partner.

This is more of a feature request because I know other online educational companies who have successfully implemented such tool with a high success rate + people love it and are having so much fun with it.

So I thought it’s a good idea if codecademy itself would encourage that and maybe implement it based on the feedback from users.

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Hey @adriansomor! I think an accountability buddy or study group is essential to learning something new and making great progress, so I really appreciate you calling attention to it. While we do not auto-pair learners with other learners, we do have something similar set in place: Codecademy Chapters. Back in September 2020, we launched Codecademy Chapters as a way for Codecademy learners to meet each other and study together. With Chapters, you can join one and attend a meetup to connect with others who are learning the same subject as you.

I used to host weekly group focus sessions and invite any learner who would like to attend. After learners joined a few sessions and got to know one another, a few of them decided to team up outside of the group session to work on the Data Scientist Path together!

@goku-kun @cvrloskenobi1 you guys met in my group focus sessions, and now you’re leading a Codecdaemy Chapter together! Can you say more about how you teamed up? And please add anything else that Adrian (and other learners) might find helpful when trying to find an accountability buddy.


I think that working together is already encouraged (or, an overriding theme)----here, on Discord and on FB (I’m not on FB so I can’t say with 100% certainty) as well as in the CC chapters that Lil mentioned above. I think the onus more lies upon the individual to make it happen and reach out to other likeminded people. Chapters are a great starting point. :slight_smile:


Hey, @lilybird and @adriansomor. I met @cvrloskenobi1 through the focus sessions that Lil used to host, as she said above. And, during one of those sessions, Carlos mentioned that he was also working on the data scientist path, same as me. So, we got connected with the help of the codecademy discord server. And then, just talked it out. It’s always fun to learn with a peer. There are so many things that you can do as a learner if you have a buddy/buddies working on the same lessons as you. You can discuss, try to challenge each other based on the topic that you just learned and much more.

The best way to determine for yourself if you understood the topic as well as you think you did, is to try explaining the topic to others and you’ll find out exactly what you did and didn’t understand. I and, Carlos, have started working on the Data Scientist path and now, we even meet weekly using the focus sessions that we host. Apart from that, we have also shared our github account information with each other and created a data scientist repository where we make cheat sheets about the lessons, together, and also review it on our own time. So, that kinda adds as an extra layer of what we’re trying to do and gives more experience as to how one would collaborate with others in the real time.

I think sometimes you just have to take the plunge without thinking too much about it and then see for yourself if it worked out for you or not. If it did, improve upon it and if it didn’t, change the flow! Either way, you’re taking responsibility for yourself and that’s growth as far as I’m concerned.

I’ve also connected with @adriansomor through discord and we’ve talked about many things. Looking forward to working with you, @adriansomor. :slight_smile:


So cool, thanks for sharing @goku-kun!

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